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Before proceeding to pay for your order, your PIN code along with the shipping address must be verified.

If for some reason we are not able to verify this shipping address, you will be required to offer us an alternate address. This alternate address must comply with our delivery partners. The address must correlate with the delivery partner's list. These shipping policies of BLACKMANGO HERBS are in place for a reason. Shipping and delivery policies of BLACKMANGO HERBS are put into place to ensure all products are delivered to the correct address. We sync this address with our delivery partner.

In the case of a mistake or a loss, BLACKMANGO HERBS is not responsible for products that are not delivered. We do not handle International deliveries. If you want an international delivery you will have to check out our website which is We do accept international orders on our website. Simply, make sure you provide us with the correct address for where you want your products delivered.

If you choose to place an order with multiple services and products, we will attempt to ship all of your products together at once. This will not always be the case though. Certain logistics issues sometimes arise where all products cannot be shipped at the same time. If you want your products to be delivered to different addresses, then please place separate orders. On each separate order fill out the correct address of where you want these products to be delivered to.

At BLACKMANGO HERBS, we take pride in our packaging. Products will be packaged to protect them while they are in transit to you. Packaging protects the products and ensures there will be no damage caused. There will be possible shipping charges. There will be shipping costs for certain products. Shipping costs are different for international orders. Shipping costs will vary from country to country. If the price is INR, then this is for India only. Delivery of products takes between 7 and 10 days. International orders are going to take 31 days. We ship out orders from our warehouses. Orders will be shipped from the warehouse within 24hrs – 48 hours of the order being placed.

Our delivery is done through a select few companies. These companies include AFL, Aramex, Bluedart, DTDC, TRACK ON DHL, and FedEx. If a courier route is not available, then we will work with you to find an alternate route to ensure you receive your BLACKMANGO HERBS ayurvedic products. The company that does the delivery will offer a tracking number to customers. In addition, you can log into your account and you will be able to find the tracking number.

Please do prepare for taxes. There are local taxes for countries that exist outside of India. Customs taxes and other international fees and taxes may apply. These taxes will have to be supported by the customer. For any concerns or questions about your products, please reach out to us. Our customer service number is +919996202020.

We can be contacted from Monday to Saturday between 10 AM and 6 PM.

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